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Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world! – Corkadillo’s Thoughts

A place where you will find out about me, so welcome to the mind of Andy Corkill , I.T professional and lifelong cycling fan.

Email: blog@corkadillo.co.uk

You will find links on the right hand side (or in the menu if you are on a mobile device) some of the things that I have either been up to or am planning to do and also bits and pieces about me. Also, don’t forget to view my blog, again on the right, (or menu) and you can also sign up for email updates.

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So about me!

I have three very distinct aspects of my life, my family, cycling and work. I have been watching bike races and riding since the early 80’s and am fully employed as IT Manager at Wilton Carpets. I’m married and have 4 children, two of each.

As I grew up in a non-sporting family you may be wondering how I can to have a lifelong obsession with cycling, it all started…………

One Sunday I was out with my sisters and Mum and Dad and the Milk Race flashed by. I was hooked.

My Dad, who is not a cycling fan, then used to use his holiday to take me to races. We regularly visited the Milk Race, which then became the Kellogg’s Tour and the Wincanton Classic races.

Ben Swift

A young looking Ben Swift

I have ridden a bike for many years, did take a break for about 9 years, but have recently started again. I feel so much better and can’t understand why I stopped. Lazy I guess.

I did dabble with a few time trials when I was at school and a few more mountain bike races after I left but I didn’t really enjoy racing. I was fit enough but I think you are either a competitive person or not. When it comes to bikes, I’m not.

Tour of Britain

Tour of Britain

When the Tour of Britain started again in 2004 I started dragging my Dad around the whole country to view every stage start and finish. I would hate to think of the amount of petrol we have used in the last 9 years following races around.

I must thank to one person who allows me to be extremely selfish with my holidays and allow me to indulge my passion.

My wife. Without Jo I wouldn’t go every year. She is a fantastic wife and mother and also very funny, please follow her on twitter @joannacorkill

She also puts up with me disappearing during the summer months to go to as many bike races as I can, over the whole country.

I am also a Commissaire with British Cycling.

Commissaire Shirt

Commissaire Shirt

Work started for me from a relatively early age as my Dad can only be described as a workaholic and used to work 6 days a week from early morning to very late at night. So working for him was a way to spend time together. That said when he was with me he was totally focused on enjoying our holidays so I can’t really complain.

During school I did my work experience at Wilton Carpets and was offered a job at the end of it. I have been here ever since changing my job internally every few years. I started in the accounts section, moved into the contract sales office, went into production planning and materials ordering before supervising the sales office. My current role is IT Manager.

I maintain all our IT and communications hardware and write and maintain our own internal software. We use a mixture of software including TAS and FileMaker. I also maintain and configure our server environment and network infrastructure.

Hold tight it may be a strange ride!


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