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Just over a week to go and it is time for The Tour.

Next Saturday with be the start for me and Dad as we drive to Scotland from Wiltshire.

This is the tenth running of the race and my tenth anniversary as well. As my official name badge from The Tour launch says – “Tour of Britain Super Fan” So once again we will be at every stage and hopefully at various points on the course as well.

Tour of Britain launch badge

Tour of Britain launch badge

So am I ready for the big push?

Best answer at the moment is MAYBE.

The day before the start when I’m saying bye to the wife and kids I always say I’m no doing this again, but every year as soon as the route is announced I get all excited and start the whole process again. Dad is just as bad.

The only things left to do is pack and get the car ready. The car set up allows me to fulfill my inner geek and should let us keep a track on where we are and where the race is.

I do not operate any gadgets whilst I’m driving. The deal I have with Dad is I do all the driving and he checks he gadgets and tells me what’s happening.

Sat Nav one Custom route to keep us away from the race route until we arrive at our viewing point. We also use this one to navigate to our beds for the night.

Sat Nav 2 Start and finish locations. We have the finish programmed in so we can see how long I have till we get there, if it starts to look a bit tight I will cancel the mid stage viewing.

iPad This year we are going to try The Tour App that should show the location of the race. Every year I have the same issue. I think I’m on the route in front of the race but I’m never sure unless we see any spectators on the road side. Schools are great for this and they always scream and shout and you.

Video Camera Stuck on the windscreen to allow me to video the route we are driving, not very exciting you say, agreed, but I am hoping to get a video of the police and NEG bikes driving between stages. It is a fantastic sight and one that is hard to describe.

iPhone Dad will have this to read mid race tweets and hopefully send some!

What gadget am I missing? Race radio. Would love this to hear what’s going on. Got to keep hoping….

All the routes, start and finish addresses and of course our Travelodge’s are all programmed into the Sat Navs so it should just be a case of getting in and turning them on.

Sunday 15th will be a fun day as I can catch up with the people I haven’t seen since The Tour Series and maybe even since last year’s race.

There are too many people to name them all but my Dad and I would like to thank the following people who always make the experience truly great. If I have missed you out, sorry I will try and rectify during the week.

Wife, Jo
Mum, Lesley
Children, Jessie, Jamie, Harry & Molly
Hugh Roberts
Mick Bennett
Guy Elliott
Andy Hawes
Peter Hodges
Kathryn Brown
Alistair Grant
Paul Baillie
Will Glossop
Mark Leyland
Trevor Hughes
Patrick Nestor
Carole Reade
Carl Lawrenson
Joe Fisher
Phil Doyle
Tom Morton

And so many more that we know by face but don’t know your names. Sorry and thank you.

You have all made the last 9 years spectacular and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year.

See you at the road side.



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