The Tour – Tenth Anniversary Blog – Stage 2

The Tour – Tenth Anniversary Blog – Stage 2

So Stage 2 is done and dusted already. Although it does seem a long time since we left home.

Quick Recap

We left Salisbury on Saturday morning for the drive to Scotland. We stayed overnight in Edinburgh so we only had a 30 minute drive to the start in Peebles on Sunday.

Since Sunday morning I don’t think we have been dry! The rain gods have unleashed a torrent on us and the riders. No help that everyone I spoke to in Peebles said the same thing “It’s been dry here for weeks”

Rain has a habit of finding any opening or weakness in your clothes, especially as we have had so much of it.

Monday 16 September

Todays start was in the town centre of Carlisle, so a coffee from Costa warmed us up before the start. We did manage to keep dry until a few seconds before the race start so that was a bonus.

Once again everyone has treated us like part of the family and spent time talking to us. For me, this really makes my day.

Once the race started we put our cunning plan into action and drove through the back roads and small villages trying to get ahead of the race. Today we managed it and arrived in a town called Aspatria just as the first police motorbikes were shutting off the side roads.

A group of 6 riders we in a breakaway a few minutes in front of the bunch. I mentioned before that everyone is friendly and the race convoy kept their end up my waving and blowing their horns. I must be extremely childish and I love that.

After the race flashed past we set off for Kendal and the finish. We drove through parts of the Lake District that we hadn’t been through before and I have to admit the scenery was stunning. If only the sun was out.

Once at the finish line it was a wet couple of hours waiting for the riders to arrive, I did feel sorry for them as after a wet and hard day in the saddle the final 4500 meters was all up hill at a place called Beast Bank, and it was steep.

Todays winner was Gerald Ciolek in a time of 5 hours, 1 minute 1 second. This also took him into the leaders Gold Jersey.

Tomorrow is the time trial based around Knowsley Safari Park and I predict the winner will be Alex Dowsett in a sub 19 minute ride. Will he beat the current 10 mile UK record? I don’t think so as the weather looks to be wet and windy again.

We will see what tomorrow brings.


Just as I finish typing I can hear the rain being hurled at our hotel window, great!


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